Individual bunkers

Individual bunker is a means to achieve an optimal safety level of private persons. It is used to protect lives during natural disasters, armed conflicts and  ideal for the person who owns the business and forced to be cautious. The peculiarity of the individual bunker is the possibility of installing it quietly within a short time. The bunker is not presented for public inspection, transported and installed without the involvement of third parties. Such secrecy is a part of the security strategy.

Entrances into the bunkers can be placed unnoticed without disturbing the aesthetic content of the premises. Access hatches are arranged in such a way that does not draw attention to themselves, no one can accordingly find the entrance to the shelter.

Индивидуальный бункер Индивидуальный бункер
Индивидуальный бункер Индивидуальный бункер
Individual bunker allows you to save precious lives and property in case of emergency situations.

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