Tamper-proof doors

1-5a bullet resistance grade 1-3 class stability to breaking
Construction meet GOST 51112-97, GOST 51113-97, GOST 51224-98

Door unit "Zaslon" is a security tool that ensures the safety of people and property against penetration, the impact of small arms and penetration by undermining the door. The block is made of high-strength metal material, it consists of a frame, webs locks. Installation is carried out with anchor bolts, but it is possible to use bolt construction and welding.

Взломостойкая дверь Взломостойкая дверь

Tamper-proof door "Zaslon" can be mounted both on the shift inward or outward with regarding to the plain of the wall, and without shift. Apart wall block can be installed in the cabin and barriers or rack.

Basic equipment of tamper-proof doors includes:

1. The box door;

2. The door leaf;

3. The system of shot burglar crossbars (for doors resistant to cracking);

4. Loop precision, adjustable;

5. Special fire-resistant filler (for doors resistant to cracking);

6. Insulation leaflets (for bullet resistant doors);

7. Castle high reliability "Elbor" for lever type with five bolts;

Two additional constipation;

9. Anti-theft crossbars;

10. "Bison" valves with reinforced bolt-section 20x20 mm;

11. Handle set;

12. Catches broken sash;

13. The seal flaps.

Additionally tamper proof door "Zaslon" can be equipped with:

1. Executive devices (closers, electromechanical or electromagnetic locks, cable crossings);

2. The control device provides remote control and locking mode;

3. transceiving devices (trays);

4. Devices for firing a spread angle of fire;

5. Panoramic impact resistance, penetration resistance, bullet-proof glazing;

6. Other (Opening angle, sealing devices, etc..).


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