Safekeeping of valuables rooms

Safekeeping of valuables rooms performs the security function of objects with the importance of: cash, securities and documents, and other important things. Things, stored in this room, are perfectly protected against theft or damage due to the armored walls and doors.

Safekeeping of valuable rooms is made of fiber reinforced concrete material, the thickness of which depends on demands of the level of security . The design feature is a door that creates maximum security due to its design. Doorways are equipped with:

1. The solid steel door a minimum thickness of 3mm, reinforced around the perimeter and the diagonals of steel profile wall thickness of 3 mm and a width of the shelves (sides) of not less than 50 mm;

2. lattice door of the bar diameter of at least 16 mm mesh size less than 150x150 mm, which is also welded along the perimeter and diagonals;

3. steel box profile with a wall thickness of not less than 5 mm and the width of the shelves of at least 100 mm.

Storage can be built in an existing building or be included in the building under construction project.

Range of works on the construction of the repository includes:

1. Project works;

2. Manufacturing, delivery and installation of storage;

3. The package bundle of doors;

4. The package bundle of ventilation channels, storage, input signal cables, installing locks and customer training.

Additional equipment and services for the safekeeping of valuables rooms:

1. Deposit cabinets;

2. Built-in storage of money;

3. Finishing works;

4. Installation of lighting systems and power supplies.

Комнаты для хранения ценностей

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