About us

Our company is engaged in manufacturing and supplying armor materials and individual armored protection for 8 years. The list of our products includes: engineering protection: armored towers and blast- proof towers, armored hoods, mobile pillboxes, gun and bank vaults. Bunkers. Safekeeping of valuables rooms. Guard cabins. Individual safe rooms and individual bunkers. Spaced Armour and gates. ex-, tamper-and bulletproof gates. engineer obstacles. And much more. Including manufacture of products according to individual customer's projects.

Individual Protective Equipment: A wide range of armored jackets from 1 to 6A protective grade which made from modern armored materials (metal, ceramic, plastic, aramid fibers). Armored helmets, shields.

NPK "BRIZK" is a registered LLC "BASTION" trademark (TIN 7813568160