Armored doors - Security doors

Protection of the input block with armored or security door is the basis for protection of the building. Contacting us you get a functional and esthetically good-looking entrance group.

Our armored security doors and bullet resistance class 1-5a, 1-3 class resistance to cracking, their structures correspond to GOST 51112-97, GOST 51113-97, GOST 51224-98. We divide the doors into three main groups:

• Tamper-proof doors

• Blast-resistant doors

• Bullet-proof doors

From each customer it is required to determine the necessary and sufficient degree of security doors on the basis of a whole set of conditions (the degree of risk, the location of protected areas, the cost of a protected property, etc.).

All armored and security doors are means of protection that ensures the safety of people and property against penetration, the impact of small arms and penetration by undermining the door. The block is made of high-strength metal material. It consists of a frame, webs locks. Installation is carried out with anchor bolts, but it is also possible to use a bolted construction and welding.

Each door can be equipped with a number of additional devices (closers, trays, a device for firing, etc.) depending on customer requirements.

With a great experience in the manufacture and installation of armored security doors our company can choose the best solution for your property.

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