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  • Бронежилеты Сапфир - 1
    Бронежилеты Сапфир - 1

    The whole range of advantages sets this jacket apart from others: easiness in use, optimal protective range, comfort carry.

    Each jacket consists of: antiricochet block, damper, plates sets, protective cover, packaging bag.

    Color is at any request.

    Manufacturer: NPK BRIZK

  • Protective pads "Saphire"
    Protective pads "Saphire"

    Special sets of protective pads for hands and legs.

    Can be produced from metal, aluminium, aramide fibers.

    Manufacturer: NPK BRIZK

  • Armored jacket Saphire - 2 MINI
    Armored jacket Saphire - 2 MINI

    This armored jacket stands out for its reliability and low cost, making it ideal as an airsoft clubs equipment. You can select the protection classes (from 2nd to 5th).

    Manufacturer: NPK BRIZK

  • Bomb suit «Contour»
    Bomb suit «Contour»

    It provides ballistic resistant up to V50% = 1000 m / s during the shelling of steel balls 6.3 mm in diameter and weighing 1.0 g.

    The bomb suit consists of: body protection, hand protection, protection of the neck, leg protection.

    Manufacturer: NPK BRIZK

  • Security metal swing gates
    Security metal swing gates
    Automated metal swing, two-sheets, primed, with reinforced hinges, weather-resistant electromechanical drive
  • Armored jacket - 2 Boets
    Armored jacket - 2 Boets

    The jacket has the emergency relief system and a handle for transporting the wounded soldier. It is equipped with MOLLE system in a circle. It has quick-change system for armor elements and designed for special operations as well as for everyday use.

    Color is at any request.

    Manufacturer: NPK BRIZK