Outer guard cabin

1-5a bullet resistance class modular armored security system is set at the entrance / entry to the building, high security facility or area with limited access.

Protective armored system "guard cabin" (GOST 51112-97, GOST 50941-96) - Outer guard cabin.
Security system is set at the entrance to the territory of the protected object, and serves as a mean of control and protection. It is a ready-welded construction of armored blocks framed with shape. The cabin is assembled using fasteners that are resistant to cracking, final assembly is carried out by welding.

The cabin is equipped with a bulletproof panoramic windows, protected from the outside knocking. Double-glazed window prevents condensation and provides good visibility.

Interior finishing of the guard cabin is made of lightweight plastic panels, linoleum. Quality materials which are resistant to moisture and destruction are used to protect against environmental factors. Outer guard cabin is equipped with protection devices for conducting covert return fire if attacked and equipped with protection flap.

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