Armored vehicles

Standard equipment of an armored vehicle:

• Armored bent glass with anti-splinter polycarbonate layer

• Armored hinges

• Armored roof

• Armored doors

• Armored bottom

• Armored fuel tank sump

• Armored battery

• Engine compartment fire extinguishing system

• Reinforced brake discs

• Reinforced brake pads

• Reinforced shock absorbers

• Reinforced springs

• Covering elements of interior with leather

• Dividing the rear axle level

• Belts limit door opening

Additional equipment of an armored vehicle:

• The signal-speaking device

• Flashing beacons

• Propel system of a punched tire

• Latch locking system

• Replacing standard back seats for comfortable ones

• Intercom system "driver-street"

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