Armored hood

Armored bulletproof 5 class construction (GOST R 51112) with protective and decorative covering.

Armored covers is made as an armored construction with a protective and decorative covering (GOST R 51112). It is used to protect the perimeters and installed at checkpoints. Due to the building structure it is safe to fire in case of attack, to protect the allotted land. The hoods protects the sentry from shrapnel and a direct hit from a weapon.


Armored hood is equipped with:
1. Door blocks protection "Redoubt" 5 bullet resistance class, 1 class resistance to burglary camouflage with a wear-resistant protective and decorative covering (GOST 51112, GOST 51113, GOST 51224);
2. The device for firing a spread fire angle of 5 bullet resistance class (GOST R 51112);
3. Glass 5 bullet resistance class (GOST R 51136);
4. The system of ventilation.


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