Guard tower

Resistance class 1-5 modular armored security complex bullet is installed on the protected perimeters of critical facilities to monitor the area and its approaches.

The guard tower is a structure installed on the premises, subject to constant protection. The main function of the tower is a circular observation of the protected perimeter. In the case of emergency situations there can be passed on the signals informing about the penetration or it can be started a defensive battle.

Guard tower consists of two parts - the base and the cab. By construction tower cab protects the sentry from direct gunshot wounds, shrapnel and blast wave damage. The cab can be equipped with bulletproof panoramic windows, providing optimum visibility and maximum safety. Mounts towers are made of durable materials that are resistant to deformation. The tower is installed on the prepared foundation within a short time.

Only qualitative elements are used for the interior finishing of the guard towers creating a comfortable location. The tower is equipped with ventilation and heating systems, telephone, emergency alarm.

The external construction is made of high-strength materials to ensure stability and the optimal level of security. Guard tower is equipped with everything you need for constant maintenance of security: a spotlight, hidden and visible means for conducting return fire. The outer part is made of bulletproof parts, providing a high degree of protection. Exterior finish of the security tower cab is made of steel profiled sheets with weatherproof painted in color according to RAL.


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