Armored jackets

Our pride – armored jackets of our own production, which are called “Saphire” with many modifications.

Armored jackets fully meet and exceed the requirements that are defined by GOST 50744-95 "Armored garment. Classification and general technical requirements". Armored jacket  is the means of an individual defense in the form of a jacket, which provides the human body protection against cold and firearms, as well as fragments of shells, mines and grenades.

Armored jacket is distinguished by class of protection (from the special to the 6th level) and on the protection of the area. We produce the widest range, which allows you to meet  any requirements - from light hidden wearing jackets  to full protection until a shot from SVD. Also there is a pleasant moment for you that let you choose the color of the protection at your own discretion.

At the very minimum the list of equipment of an armored jacket consists of a antiricochet block, damper, set of steel armor plates, protective cover, packaging bags. Additionally it can be equipped with a variety of enhancements that significantly improve the convenience and safety (protection of the neck, groin protection sides, hands, etc.).

Our armored jackets were repeatedly tested, they have a lot of positive feedback, and most importantly, have saved many lives.

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