Armored constructions for banks

Metal structures for banks represent a technical means of protection of metal armored or reinforced concrete panels, armored door, armored cash box of bullet-proof glass, and so the transmission of armored cash-tray.
The basic unit of armored constructions for the bank:

  • Cash nodes represent a structure serving as a means of ensuring the safety of operations related to the transmission of values.
  • Safe rooms are installed in a bank or in any other enterprise, requiring storage space for valuables.
  • Storage - a special protected premises that are essential for the safe deposit box.

An armored construction of any type is chosen individually, based on the required level of protection, the location and many other factors. There are many options for layout and finishes depending on customer requirements. All fabricated Armoured constructions match the requirements of Instruction CBR 1995 №27: "Departmental rules Design, Interior Ministry requirements for technical strengthening of premises GOST 51113-97, GOST 51112-97, GOST 50862-96, GOST 50941-96 and have the appropriate certificates of conformity.

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